Hollie Brucks

I have over 15 years combined teaching experience as a college professor, assistant dean, education coach, Washington State substitute teacher, as well as private individual and group tutoring.  As a college professor, I taught a myriad of Business Classes including: Motivational Psychology, Student Life Skills, Business, English as a Second Language, Citizenship, Honor’s, and Dual Enrollment. I currently teach and tutor students in grades k-PhD in diverse Washington State’s school districts. In addition, I am an academic coach/tutor to college students attending both online and traditional universities. 

My vast teaching experience gives me the knowledge to assess a student’s capabilities, link the educational tools that best suit their skills, and identify their strengths and areas of opportunity.  These tools go beyond the average tutoring experience by establishing goals that strive to improve the individual’s academic knowledge, learning skills and developing a confidence that transcends beyond the academic arena. 

I believe I can offer your students a unique and beneficial learning experience. I look forward to discussing with you the opportunity to work with students in your life!


Heather Rose

My name is HeatheRose and I am the Administrative Coordinator for PERC.  I live in Fernandina Beach, FL with my husband, Justin and our dogs, Sebastian & Rutabaga.  We have been foster parents for several years and are currently licensed for medical and therapeutic children.  Although it can be difficult we find it very rewarding.

I have completed 3 years of college and am currently taking classes online including Child Psychology to help me understand the children in my care.

In my free time I enjoy ocean kayaking, riding my scooter, and going to the zoo.


Christina Roy

I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Puget Sound where I majored in Religion and minored in Math. This gave me a well-rounded education with experience in mathematical reasoning, critical thinking, writing, research, and ethics. I also have a professional background in human resources and bookkeeping. 

I have been tutoring for nearly 10 years, as a private contractor, with tutoring companies, and through schools. While I have tutored in math, physics, writing, and reading, from kindergarten through college, the majority of my experience has been in tutoring middle and high-school math. My tutoring philosophy is that all students can learn if given the right tools and motivations, so I strive to provide such tools. I am patient but firm, and I prefer to assist students in coming up with the answers themselves, rather than providing answers upfront. I place more emphasis on understanding concepts than on getting the right answer.


Lindsey McKee

I received my Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Pacific Lutheran University, and I am currently obtaining my Masters in Social Work with a K-12 certification at the University of Washington, Tacoma (Go Huskies!). I love traveling, spending time with family and friends, and volunteering with Special Olympics.  

School and learning have always been a passion of mine, and I enjoy helping others to reach their maximum potential inside and outside of the classroom. Some of my favorite subjects include: English, Math, and Science, but I am well rounded in all subjects and capable of helping your child grow academically. 

I look forward to mentoring your children!



Hi I'm Keyon. I'm a science and math tutor as well as a fencing coach. I believe teaching is the most radical method by which the world can be changed for the better. I certainly remember the teachers and coaches I had when I was younger and the effect they had on me. My goal with P.E.R.C. is to inspire future generations to explore science and math to better themselves and the world. Each student learns in a different way and complementing the different styles of learning an individual student has teaches me as much as I could hope to teach them. I'm a teacher, a fencer, a tropical horticulturalist, an electrician, and a hobby mechanic. I like to fix things, build things, grow things, understand things.


Jaime Conner

Jaime Conner is a mom of two daughters and a son (ages 16, 15, and 5) and lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida. Jaime has a BS in Early Childhood Education and an MS in Reading and Literacy, and is a 5th grade Social Studies teacher for the Georgia Cyber Academy. Her interests include attending her children's sporting and marching band events, playing with her three guinea pigs, and watching Netflix. 


Haley Riker

Hi, my name is Haley Riker. I am a recent graduate from Western Washington University with a BS in geophysics. I love teaching kids and believe that you can learn just about anything if you find the right way to look at it! Math and science are what I enjoy teaching the most, and if I can find a fun way to do it you'd better believe I will! I am a fun, driven, high energy tutor - and I genuinely love what I do.



I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a B.A. in Communications. I
really enjoy helping others expand their knowledge and create an environment
that encourages the love of learning. I enjoy critical thinking, thinking out of the
box, and expanding one’s mind. I am currently back in college working towards a business degree. I enjoy helping my classmates with the tougher problems in math and taking time to truly understand the concepts and not just the rules. I believe if you understand why you’re doing something vs rote memorization you will retain the knowledge and be able to utilize the lesson in the real world. I want to understand where my student is coming from and guide them with patience through difficult problems. We can do it together to achieve the goal at hand.



I grew up right here in the Tacoma area, and I had one of my first experiences with teaching when I worked at the Grand Cinema leading youth programs on making short films. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with an interdisciplinary focus. During that time, I had the opportunity to work in some of the largest museums in the country, working to educate everyone on our shared pasts and future.

I believe every person has the potential to be academically successful, they just have to be interested enough to care. By making teaching engaging you are able to ignite a curiosity or passion that will ultimately lead to higher achievement later in life.



I received my bachelors from the University of Washington Tacoma in Ethnic, Gender and Labor studies. My experience in education came about from my previous work as an RBT with children who have ASD, prior employment as a student support counselor and my current role as a Kindergarten teacher. 

I strongly believe that every scholar learns differently and those differences should be accommodated to help every student succeed. The best part of working with students is finding creative learning strategies and being able to see their progress over time. I am passionate about about working with students with special needs and students with other educational plans including I.E.P's and 504 plans. Outside of work, I am a mother to a bright, energetic and imaginative 7 year old. I love to travel, go running and going on walks with my dog.



Originally from the Texas Hill Country, I have experience helping students of all ages to understand the sciences in an engaging and fun manner.  I have utilized the same style when mentoring employees during my professional career as a Microbiologist, Environmental Scientist, and Manager for a national social justice non-profit.  Here in Washington, I’ve worked for the state’s Ecology Youth Corps Program, supervising teens in litter clean-up and environmental education throughout south King County. I am currently a student enrolled in the Master of Environmental Studies (MES) program at The Evergreen State College, focusing my studies in Ornithology and Ecology.



Hi there! My name is Krithika, and I am currently a Biomedical Sciences senior at the University of Washington. I possess a genuine passion for science and technology, and I love educating others about it. My desire to tutor comes from my successful ability to help others achieve their goals. I strongly believe that any student can succeed and obtain the results they want through hard work, resilience, and proper mentoring. Having a mentor who is able to assess the student's capabilities and help the student cultivate unique study habits is crucial for the student's success. I truly believe I can lead my students to success and help them achieve their goals! Apart from being a student and a tutor, I am someone that loves to get involved in science projects around my community. I am currently working with RAIN Incubator, a biotechnology company in Tacoma, on developing an isothermal DNA amplification technique that detects equine pathogens on a microfluidic chip.

lauren sq.jpg

Lauren Persky

Teaching is my passion and my calling.  I have over 20 years of teaching experience, ranging from middle school to university Masters Degree students.  I taught high school math for 12 years, including all subjects from basic math to calculus.  I have also taught university level math students and students preparing to become math teachers at the University of Washington.

I teach students to understand concepts rather than memorize facts.  My goal is to promote independent thinking and learning in students.  I encourage students to think of ways to understand math, building on what they already know.  I approach teaching as a conversation among people, myself included.  I focus on building relationships with students.  I am transparent in my teaching movements: what I say and do, why I say and do it.   I do everything intending to improve my students’ learning.  I encourage students to be comfortable making mistakes and learning from their mistakes.   I make plenty of mistakes, not just in math but all the time.  I believe we can learn some of our best lessons from our mistakes.

Outside of teaching, I have a dog who loves to play, run, and go for walks.  I also enjoy crafting and just recently learned how to make candles.




My name is Jonathan Spielmann. I received my Associate of Arts and Sciences at Tacoma Community College, and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Communication at Pacific Lutheran University.

Youth development has always been a passion of mine, and I love being able to help kids reach their fullest potential. Using my communication degree, I love to help my students feel more confident not only in their educational abilities, but in their capabilities as a person as well. My favorite subjects include: Science, History, and English, but I am confident in my abilities to assist with any subject. In my tutoring sessions, I love to incorporate activities and games that make learning fun and to keep my students engaged! In my free time, I enjoy watching TV, weightlifting, and going to the mountains to explore the trails. I am looking forward to meeting you in the future! 

lee ann.JPG

Lee Ann Grummels

The task of education is a challenge for everyone, even the most talented of teachers. I understand this both as a teacher and a parent. The task we face can be daunting, especially when a child is struggling.

My name is Lee Ann, and I bring over 27 years of combined teaching experience. With a Bachelor's Degree in elementary education and an emphasis in music, I can help your student discover their maximum potential and increase their self confidence.

I have taught a variety of subjects, but I really love music, art, reading, writing, and math. I have home schooled two of my three children all the way through high school. The last one has just finished, woohoo! That experience has taught me more than any other. My several years of teaching in public and private schools in California, Oregon, and Washington, and at a tutoring center, have given me many tools to help your student overcome their learning challenges. I also have experience working with special needs children in the public schools, as well as on a personal level.

I hope to be able to share in the growth of your amazing student into someone who owns their education and discovers a joy of learning for a lifetime!



My name is Shannon Winn and I am an experienced and passionate tutor. While completing my Masters of Commerce degree in Economics, I spent over four years tutoring and lecturing economics, statistics, and academic literacy at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. After completing my degree, I taught English at elementary and middle schools in South Korea for three years while traveling around the world. I also have extensive experience tutoring individuals from an elementary level through to university students in a variety of subjects including reading, English and language skills, mathematics, and economics. I believes in a student-centered learning approach in which the student is able to explore and experience the material in their own unique way, which allows for an enhanced and deeper understanding of the core learning objectives. My focus is on understanding and encouragement. I am trained in a range of pedagogical techniques which allows me to adapt my teaching style to the specific and diverse learning needs of each student.


P.E.R.C. Pup

Zorro is a diabetic alert service dog, majoring in stress and anxiety relief.